Justin Timberlake stopped mid-concert to help a fan announce her pregnancy

For many expecting parents, announcing a pregnancy to friends and family is a calculated and creative process — and the possibilities are endless!

There’s the classic T-shirt/baby body suit announcement and the punny “bun in the oven” option. Let’s not forget the social media classics: An ultrasound photo, a pair of tiny baby shoes or holiday-themed reveals. And for some parents-to-be, it’s go big or go home with movie-trailer-inspired announcements, music videos, and even spill the beans with the help of celebrities.

Well, one longtime Justin Timberlake fan got the pregnancy announcement of her dreams when JT halted a concert on April 2 to help share her baby news.

“This was the most amazing, magical, unforgettable moment I have ever had in my life!” Darcell Baxtresser captioned her now-viral Facebook post. “My first love to announce my pregnancy was crazy! A truly special memory I will forever cherish! Thank you!” Among her list of hashtags was #bestpregnancyannouncementever. And I’m gonna have to agree. Check it out for yourself!

This pregnancy announcement is especially epic considering Baxtresser, 27, has been a die-hard Justin Timberlake fan since his *NSYNC days, the mom-to-be told BabyCenter. So whenever she attends a JT concert, she always makes sure to splurge on front-row tickets. This time around, though, Baxtresser was holding up a sign that clearly caught the singer’s attention.

“I gotta stop the show for a minute. This is very cool,” Timberlake told concert-goers on Monday. “This says, ‘Will you help announce my pregnancy tonight?’”

Timberlake proceeded to announce that “Baby Bax” is due on Nov. 1, 2018.

Baxtresser told BabyCenter that she had originally planned to wait a couple more weeks to share the baby news with her family. “But when I thought of the idea, I ran it by my friend and she said, ‘OMG you have to do it!” she said. “And I’ve brought signs to his other concerts before and he’s noticed them so I knew he’d notice this one.”

Little did the expecting mama know that she would be getting way more than she bargained for.

“I was hoping for a quick picture,” Baxtresser continued. “I was amazed he actually stopped the show for that. For him to think that was cool was crazy! In that moment, I was shaking and getting teary eyed. I was trying to soak it all in but I think till this day I’m still in shock.”

Right after the pregnancy announcement went down, the mom-to-be texted the video to her husband — because he didn’t know about the sign, and she didn’t want to tell him unless it actually worked. She then group-texted her family, and her sisters in particular proceeded to freak out. “It was a double shock for them,” Baxtresser said. “To find out I was pregnant and then to watch Justin announcing it.”

So, yeah. If you’re in the process of coming up with an awesome pregnancy announcement, don’t even bother attempting to outdo this one. Because with Justin Timberlake’s help, Darcell Baxtresser has just set the bar ridiculously high.

Video and photos shared with permission from Darcell Baxtresser

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