Mom’s Reaction To Gender Reveal Fail Is One For The Books

The stakes are high at a gender reveal party. Not only are you planning a surprise for your guests, but most of the time, for yourself as well. You know who probably doesn’t care? Your toddler. Case in point:

This big brother-to-be couldn’t even wait until they were on the way to the gender reveal to ruin the surprise. As his mom goes to load a big confetti-filled black balloon into the car, he comes chasing after her with a plastic sword.

…It’s a girl!

While her dismay is evident thanks to a security camera in the garage, we have no idea what the fate was for her sword-wielding son. But Facebook users were quick to chime in with what they would’ve done next.

“Oh my gosh, why is she so calm? I would of turned into the Incredible Hulk,” one comment reads.

“My kid would’ve went flying with the streamers,” another says.

“If my son popped the balloon on me like that I would have burst out laughing,” another says. “I can’t help but laugh when they do something funny/bold.”

Many Facebook users wonder if the balloon was for her baby, or if she was in charge of bringing it to someone else’s gender reveal party. But a Redditor insists the woman in the video is the mom-to-be, sharing the infallible proof of a screenshot.

gender reveal balloon backstory

In any case, it’s safe to say she was surprised! She joins the ranks of plenty of other women before her whose gender reveals went wrong. A word of warning: the failures almost always involve balloons.

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