What is the appropriate hairstyle for popping out a baby?

I remember a lot about each of my labors and deliveries:

I remember hallucinating during the 36 hours of labor with my first.

I remember having to call my husband up from the hospital cafeteria where he was getting a frigging bowl of soup because I was about to have his third child (“Oh, I’m sorry — did I interrupt your dinner?” is about all I can print of what I said).

I remember the birthing ball, the warm bath, the foot massage, and the messed-up epidural that had to be re-done (the foot massage was way more fun).

I do not, however, remember what I did with my hair.

I’m pretty sure I did exactly nothing except maybe brush it at some point before hard labor set in. This picture wasn’t too long after my daughter was born, and it doesn’t look brushed here, so I obviously didn’t do much.

Fellow BabyCenter blogger Sabrina was way more prepared with her hair:

labor nurse gift ideas

She looks so good! I want a do-over. Not the whole L&D thing – can I just borrow a baby and lie in the bed and take a few photos on a good hair day? That’s not weird, is it?

My cousin Jessica just had a baby and she, too, was smart enough to put her hair up ahead of time.

Such a good idea, because not only is it out of your way while you’re sweating and laboring, it looks good when you take it down afterward. Brilliant!

With this in mind, here are a few lighthearted ideas from BabyCenter on how to wear your hair during labor:

For some women, this may be a non-issue because they either don’t know they’re in labor until it’s time to deliver, or they have super-fast labors. But for those of us who have a good, long time to sit around laboring before we give birth, it might actually be fun to have a friend come in and play with our hair and put it up for us. We’ve got the time, and it might help us relax.

Though in the end, we know this will be the result:

It’s okay. It just gets us used to how it’s going to look that whole first year with a baby anyway.

Photos courtesy of BabyCenter, iStock, and Laura Falin

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