How to create a bedtime routine for your baby

Sleep is probably the main thing parents wish they could get more of, isn’t it?

From the moment you bring your baby home, you are thrown into a world of sleepless nights and bags under your eyes. It’s really tough!

Wills is my third baby and I knew from very early on that I wanted to get him into a great bedtime routine, one that would ensure we all had a good night’s sleep. He’s 18 months old now, sleeps through the night and goes down happily every single evening – just what I wanted as a parent.

You can start to introduce a bedtime routine from around three months old and it means your baby will feel relaxed each night and will hopefully fall asleep quickly and happily.

We always make sure that we calm right down with a feed and a cuddle, making sure all of the hype from the day is forgotten and he is relaxed and ready for his bedtime routine to start.

Having a bath is a really fun way to end the day and water is such a great relaxant – you just have to take kids swimming to know that!

After his bath Wills has a massage and if for whatever reason we can’t fit a bath in, we will always make time for this as it is such a lovely way to bond.

Having a fresh nappy for bedtime is also so important – there is nothing worse than finding them soaked in the morning, is there? We use a 5+ for bedtime as the plus sign relates to absorbency and means he will be protected against leaks throughout the night.

Last but not least comes a story and my favourite time of the day. He is calm and ready for cuddles, before being put down to fall asleep by himself.

Here’s a look at our bedtime routine in action…

A good bedtime routine will help a baby to unwind and relax, preparing them for a great night’s sleep. I just wish I had created a routine with the girls as it definitely would have meant fewer eye-bags for me!

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