An epic hailstorm birth: “The sound of breaking glass echoed through the room”

When Lauren from Arlington, Texas, went into labor with her third child it was a beautiful morning. Hours later she found herself asking her birth team how strong the skylight above her head was. As it turns out, not as strong as everyone thought.

Take a look at the footage captured by KE Documentary, which begins with Lauren laboring outside as a light breeze blows. Notice how loudly you can later hear the hail and then shortly after Lauren is having contractions in a much smaller room.

What appears as a somewhat calm change of location in the video felt anything but for Lauren, whose daughter Jordan was also at the birth. Here she describes the frightening moment glass came raining down in her room:

“I drifted into hearing the noise from outside again. And I realized it was a lot louder. I opened my eyes to look up at the skylight and saw pallets of hail hitting it. The sound got louder and louder. I calmly asked them if the skylight was going to break over the top of us and if I needed to move. I remember them saying no and that it was a double pane window and a few seconds later in what seemed like a simultaneous moment – the sound of breaking glass echoed through the room and the midwife and Doula and Daddy launched me off of the bed in unison!

“Tornado sirens blared out and we all knew without speaking that we were taking cover. The momentum from being launched off the bed in one swoop carried us almost through the door of the closet when I screamed and looked at your Daddy with sheer terror, ‘JORDAN!!! GET JOOOORDAN!!!’ His face turned to panic and he bolted through the room and out the door!”

The entire group fled to a storm shelter under the stairwell.

In a letter to the baby she was birthing Lauren went on to recall, “Through the blaring sirens and glass shattering and hail, I could hear your Daddy and Jordan and [our nanny] Lyndsey make it into the closet. I told Lyndsey put a movie on her phone for Jordan and distract her…Once I knew everyone was in there my brain clicked back over to feeling you and my belly and everything else! At this point, my breathing was so shallow. It hurt so bad I couldn’t breathe and I could hardly muster the strength to talk.”

After some time laboring in the shelter the storm sirens stopped and Lauren was able to get in the birthing tub and welcome her son Jake in the water.

Once mama and baby were resting peacefully the group “started breathing deeper and laughing and reenacting the drama from the night.” Nearly all the cars in the parking lot had broken windshields, and the birthing center sustained heavy damage to its roof.

Jake just celebrated his first birthday and has been given the nickname Stormy by their midwife.

Thanks to Lauren and KE Documentary for sharing this birth story with BabyCenter. You’re welcome to read Lauren’s full birth story here.

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