Khloé K’s partner treating her badly is not her fault

When I saw a recent headline that said, “Is A Man More Likely to Cheat When His Partner Is Pregnant?” I felt rage boil up inside of me. Granted, my strong reaction may have something to do with the fact that I’m 31 weeks pregnant. But really journalism? We’re going with that spin on the recent allegations that Khloé Kardashian’s partner slipped out on her in the final days of her pregnancy?

Sadly, this type of story has been echoed all over the internet. And to me, headlines like these might as well read, “Is It Your Fault Your Partner Cheated on You While You Were Pregnant?” As if we are pointing fingers at women, insinuating that it’s because they are pregnant, that men cheat. So, let’s just stop right here. As a soon-to-be mom-of-four, I want Khloé and all other pregnant women to hear me when I say, it is never your fault if your partner treats you badly. Ever. Especially during one of the most vulnerable times in your life.

Sure, your physical appearance is changing. You feel lousy, and about as sexy as a water buffalo. Yes, you may be overcome with hormonal rage every now and again. YOU ARE GROWING A HUMAN. You are excused! And your partner should be there to support you and love you and make you feel like the most beautiful, cherished person on earth. And say things like, “I understand if you’re feeling a little short-tempered. I can’t imagine doing what you are doing.” Or else, BYE!

Khloe Kardashian and pregnant women need to know this

Of course it’s your decision whether you want to make it work with your significant other. Just like no matter what gossip is out there, and regardless of opinions that will dominate entertainment news about what Khloé should do in the wake of her man’s behavior, it’s her call. The point I’m trying to make is that how her basketball-playing boyfriend treated her has nothing to do with her. It’s not her fault if he did indeed cheat. Just as it’s not any other pregnant woman’s fault if her partner cheats, or otherwise doesn’t put her up on the pedestal where she belongs during her pregnancy.

Ultimately I feel bad for Khloé Kardashian, and any other woman in her position. But another sad thing that will come out of this is that some pregnant women will read about what allegedly happened to Khloé, and feel less than. They will internalize her man’s actions as a reflection of how they aren’t worthy of their man’s unwavering love, desire and affection. Just because their bellies are swelling and they can’t confidently wear a thong at the moment. Please don’t think this, ladies! It’s totally understandable not to feel super hot while pregnant. That doesn’t mean a man should treat you poorly.

On a very serious note, if your partner is doing more than just acting like a twerp; if he is verbally or physically abusive to your while you are pregnant, or EVER, get help. And repeat after me: It’s not your fault.

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