8 pictures that sum up motherhood for me

Before I became a mother three years ago, I imagined my future photograph album to be like those posed photoshoots they advertise in your Bounty pack.

Then I became a mother and started to aim more for the Insta-worthy perfectly colour-coordinated cheeky and cute images I saw racking up so many likes. However, my photo album didn’t quite end up looking that way.

And so here are 8 pictures from my actual family album that sum up the experience of motherhood for me…

I never liked to star fish anyway… Copyright: [Amy Nickell]

Mothers must take small mercies and sleep where we can. In fact, since I became a mum I can pretty much fall asleep on demand, anywhere, anytime amongst any human obstacles.

It wasn’t even his size. Copyright: [Amy Nickell]

Shopping will never be the same after you have children. Take the ‘smash and grab’, for example. Turn your back for five minutes and they’ll likely to be found inside a rack of clothes or caught red handed like this. That’s if they haven’t already ended up in the CCTV room and you’re being called in by the tannoy.

I put them in, he puts them out. Copyright: [Amy Nickell]

Encouraging children to help with tasks is supposed to keep them occupied so they aren’t elsewhere breaking your stuff. It also means tasks take forty times as long and eventually you go mad and give up altogether and do whatever it was after they are in bed.

Why have one pair when you can have four? Copyright: [Amy Nickell]

Encouraging independence is important so it’s great to know that your kids are getting to be grown up enough to dress themselves.

I would love to say that he tidied them all up too. Copyright: [Amy Nickell]

One quick pee break for you can mean full devastation upon your return. Kids are like little mess ninjas.

No necks were broken in the taking of this photo. Copyright: [Amy Nickell]

Ah the old ‘OH MY CHRIST, THE CRICK HE’S GOING TO WAKE UP WITH’ and despite your best efforts to prop up the head while going 70 on the m25, it just keeps going back down – however, somehow his head remains attached with no complaints after waking.

They’re teacakes, in case you were wondering. Copyright: [Amy Nickell]

‘I’ll never be one of those parents who relies on the iPad’ – quote pregnant you.

Such a gentle and tactile child I do have. Copyright: [Amy Nickell]

But at least, at the end of every day I have this to look forward to.

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