Summer camp that caters not only to learning BUT adventure and imagination

Summer Camps are factories that manufacture enjoyment. They are all different, but majority camps provide kids with too many learning based activities. Few of them are channelized for your kid’s sense of adventure or catered to the quieter side to enjoy a simple activity that provides an imaginative outlet.

One such blend of summer camp is coming up in April – May 2018 is by Podar Jumbo Kids at their Goregaon East, Malad Orlem, Kandivali Mahavir Nagar & Kandivali East centres. It’s a weekly theme – based camp comprising of Various Intellectual happenings.

Blast Off Space –

Creating spaceships as a craft with sticks, foil, paint, paper and beads is a fun thing for your child. The kudos will come up with all kinds of interesting space “crafts”.Water rockets can be made from 2-liter soda bottles. These activities will not just be fun for the child but educational too.

Rock and Roll & Castle Fun –

Let’s have our little rockstars & dancers show us the moves. With sprinkle of music, Poadr is having the most dance intensive learning for kids.

Innovations & Inventions –

A child’s play nature can be developed by his / her curiosity, inquisitiveness, and creativity. Small brainstorming sessions which will give the campers a challenge that needs innovation solutions.

Mad Scientists –

An interactive program for the kids through science experiments, games, puzzles, expeditions & role play is planned.

Mighty Jungle Adventure –

If your kids love nature & animals, then here they might get the ultimate opportunity to follow some amazing activities.

Story Laboratory & Toy Making –

Our young little engineers learn to make paper toys, designs & are free to discover materials & techniques in a small, safe and supportive environment.

Caring our World & Clay Factory –

Some dirty muddy fun is stored in here for kids, creating treasures – big & small using innovations. And learning the importance of our world.

Communication & Little Etiquettes –

“Yes ma’m” and “No Sir”, isn’t it good to let your child know that his / her shorts / frock are not a napkin. Insistence on the please and thank you game can pay off.

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