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With summer break on, parent search for summer camp is unending. There are so many options available for the camps/events that parents are often confused what to choose. Parents wants this time to be best utilised for their child. So what parents look for in a camp? We spoke to few parents & their responses did not surprise us –

  • Variety to choose
  • Age specific learning
  • Innovative & new concepts
  • Activity based programs
  • Scientific approach towards learning
  • Fun learning

Maple Bear’s expert team has put in a lot of energy & efforts to bring together a variety of themes for the Summer Camps. They are innovative, fun & resourceful.

Creator’s Camp

Summer of Inventions: From the wheel that set us in motion to the light bulb that brightened lives, we live in a world made better with remarkable inventions. This summer let your child explore the most important inventions and discover how they transformed the world! You never know, it might just inspire the inventor in your child.

Jungle Book

The camp will be strung along the storyline of Jungle Book. The children will learn about the types of forests, where they exist and its habitat. They will also learn about the importance of forests and how it is related to climate change.  Language, experiments, drama, music, art & craft and outdoor play will be an integral part of the camp.

Its show time 

Drama camp: The main purpose of the drama camp experience is to provide students with intense English practice and encourage public speaking. The materials are aptly chosen to provide students with opportunities to sharpen their language skills. Children will learn to dramatize plays, design the backdrop and props, and also stage management.

Unravelling mysteries 

Science camp, Forensics: Science is an intriguing subject. In this camp, children solve exciting mysteries and learn a lot about forensic science through experiments, plays, art & craft, and games. Children will love being detectives and solve mysteries through science experiments involving understanding and application of scientific concepts.

India for kids 

India for kids’ summer camp: The camp gives children a glimpse of India and its culture, the famous people, the sports Indians play, and also the film industry. Fun filled activities related to art & craft, music, drama and outdoor plays will be organized. Children will explore the rich culture & heritage of our country as well as create crafts representatives of the regions.

Five weeks of fun learning 

Five week summer camp: The main focus of this camp is to provide opportunities to students for verbal skills development. Here, children talk and vocalize, which will not only improve their language skills but also boost confidence. In addition, they will practice writing, listening and reading. Each week will be dedicated to fun & activities, science, sports, music & drama.

Pulling strings 

Puppets summer camp: Puppet-making can teach children how to think creatively. Children will envision what sort of moving parts they want to add to their puppets. Puppets encourage improvements in language, team work, and frequently allow shy children to open up. A movable model of a person or an animal can be used for entertainment and education.

Ballu’s untold story 

Ballu’s Untold Story summer camp: This summer camp will focus on interesting science and math concepts. The camp is based on a storyline in which an inquisitive bear from India is on a tour around the globe with his parents. He travels to all the seven continents and explores and learns about natural and man-made wonders through fun activities.

Taking baby steps 

Toddler summer camp: In the toddler summer camp, children are encouraged to try out new things. Toddlers learn with their entire bodies – they move about constantly, touching and experiencing the world around them. These early experiences will foster growth and help your child develop into self-reliant learners.

Nature lovers

Trees summer camp: Educate children about nature and the value of life, be it of humans or animals or plants. In this camp, children learn about trees & the importance of a clean & green environment. They learn about the hazards of global warming & find out how to save the environment through fun filled activities.

Back to the past 

Dinosaur summer camp: Dinosaurs have always fascinated children and this is the time to let your children relive moments from the past. Through an array of fun filled activities, children will learn about dinosaurs, their evolution, eating habits, types and how they became extinct. This camp is a fine mix of learning and fun activities.

The Story About Earth 

The story about earth: The summer camp will focus on the evolution of Earth. The children go through all the stages in the evolution of Earth through fun filled experiments, art & craft activities, theatre and cooking. All the stages are woven into a story for the children.

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