Prepare to be captivated by stunning backyard birth photos

After having an unsatisfactory and impersonal hospital birth experience with her first child that included being pressured to get an epidural while in labor, mom Gini Rothenberger decided on a backyard birth in a birthing pool for her second delivery.

She explained to BabyCenter about her son’s hospital birth, “By the time he arrived I was so exhausted physically and emotionally, I didn’t even care that I had a baby. I was so foggy from all the drugs I didn’t know what to think. My baby was just laying there in a plastic bin & I felt like a helpless onlooker.”

Giving birth on her terms was a completely different experience. In fact, this pregnancy was on Gini’s terms as well. After meeting with a midwife, she says, “It was sooo relieving to find out we didn’t have to do any of the tests, we could weigh the risks and benefits of each and decide what was best alongside our midwife, instead of just being told what to do with no rhyme or reason. No orange drink, no unnecessary ultrasounds, and best of all, someone I knew would be by my side when birthing time came!”

Backyard birth photo of labor

On the day, Gini’s birth was captured in a series of captivating images by Callynth Photography. The soon-to-be second-time mama’s vision for how she wanted her birth to go was perfectly executed by her birth team, including midwife Melena Sandifer.

Backyard birth image mom and dad together

Gini’s husband Charlie was on hand to support her from start to finish.

Backyard birth photo dad supports mom-to-be

“I watched the sunset and the deer graze in the field between waves and I had a conversation with our Heavenly Father. It was the most intimate peaceful moments when I realized this birth was going to be different,” Gini told us.

Backyard birth image mom relaxes in birthing pool

Backyard birth laboring with support

Gini admits her labor got intense, but her support system helped her through it.

Backyard birth baby on the way

When daughter Charlie Grace arrived, Gini says, “It was love at first sight and the bonding was so emotional!”

Backyard birth baby is born

Callynth Photography took this mesmerizing shot of baby Charlie being born in the pool.

Backyard birth underwater birth view

After birth, the family moved inside and Gini nursed.

Backyard birth after happy family

About her backyard birth, the mom says, “We realized THIS is how birth is meant to be for our family and we experienced some healing from the experience we had with our first. The memories are unforgettable.” She adds, “Birth is a normal and natural process, not a medical emergency.”

As a woman who is about to give birth in a hospital for the fourth time, I want to point out that not all hospital births are negative experiences, but I do relate to Gini’s story in that I was strongly pressured to get an epidural, an intervention I didn’t want.

Ultimately, I think how you want to give birth is based on so many factors, and you should do what’s right for you. I’m so glad this mama got to enjoy the kind of birth she wanted, and hope all moms-to-be can enjoy the same privilege.

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